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ClusterXchange Programme is an initiative that allows organisations to improve their innovative and networking capacities through targeted visits to hosting organisations, exploring a foreign cluster and meeting new enterprises, businesses, researchers, experts and managers to support short-term exchanges to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. That programme enables them to innovate developing cross-sectorial and cross-regional strategies. It is another tool to the deepening cross-regional cooperation.

Regular exchanges of information and ideas of participants in the ClusterXchange not only promote research and development but also extend businesses’ opportunities to transfer the scientific results into production. The ClusterXchange programme allows to build bridges to bring together research and business organisations from different regions.

An exchange constitutes a stay abroad performed by a visiting organisation from an eligible country at a host organisation in another eligible country. Exchanges are used to learn from actors in another cluster, explore growth opportunities in new markets, adopt new technologies, digitalisation and green low-carbon solutions, invest in strategic interregional collaboration.